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This Wiki is about turn-based strategy games by Accolade and Cyberlore Studios, once owned by Atari and now owned by Retroism. The first game Deadlock: Planetary Conquest was released in 1996 and the second game Deadlock II: Shrine Wars was released in 1998 as a sequel.

The story follows eight Races who want to dominate the planet Gallius IV, because it's hospitable and it has abundant precious Resources. The game can be played in various different ways, the player can win the game by constructing City Centers or by conquering the other Races. But to do so, the player must gather essential resources to develop their colony, such as Food, Wood, Energy, Iron, research Technologies and build an Army for exploration, for home defense or for attack.

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The Gallius IV Community involves news and discussion about every Deadlock version.

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