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  • Hi General!

    I've made a inclusion in Resource Tecnologies (time Dilation) but gave it TIME DELATION instead of the correct one. I tried to change it, but didn't found where, even in FAQ. I'll be glad with some help.


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    • Hi AkronDM!

      Don't worry, it's correct now =D

      Thank you for creating the page Time Dilation!

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    • Thanks man!

      I would like to help more.

      Do you know what kind of information is still missing or incomplete?

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    • Sorry for the late response.

      Yes, most of our articles are incomplete with few information, mostly game data and no written text about the game's background and other useful information. And yes, there are still missing content about gameplay, like units, how Skirineen market operates and such things.

      Thanks for your help!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello General,

    I have some editing suggestions for you.

    Most useful infomation for me come from infoboxes, I have finished adding resource types. They could use infoboxes for "If they are: Tradeable, Stockable; Buildings which produce them and Required Research". I could do it myself but I am worried of messing with your current standards.

    We could also have infoboxes for Territory Types with modifiers for every natural resource.

    Side note: please check the community messages as well!


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  • Hey man,

    I cleaned up the alignment of the source of your infobox building template. I usually do it as it makes it easier to edit later on when things get busy. You can revert or keep it that way (It does look weird with longer field titles against shorter ones, but that's your choice :) ) I also removed some unnecessary tags that can sometimes cause bugs. 

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  • Hello, We're excited to have Deadlock: Planet Gallius IV Wikia as part of the Wikia community!

    There's still a lot to do; here are some helpful tips and links to get your wikia going:

    All of the above links are a great place to start exploring, and have fun!

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