The Compact of Gallius IV was signed by all Races but the Skirineen, whom was not allowed to land on the planet's surface. They decided to sign it for fear of destroying Gallius IV on the dispute over it.


We, the leaders of the ChCh-t, Humans, Maug, Re'Lu, Tarth, and Uva Mosk, agree to stop hostilities in space. Since we all wish to claim the planet, Gallius IV, the conflict will be moved to the surface and resolved there. Each race can drop one colony ship onto the planet. Five hundred Colonists armed only with laser pistols may land. The colonies will have Food, Energy, Iron, and Wood. There are no limits on weapons or Technologies. The colony leaders should develop Resources and Military Units as fits their strategy. Intentional contact with the Skirineen is a direct violation of this treaty. Only Oolan, a Tolnan, may be contacted in space. She will give advice to all colony leaders. Any colony that builds the agreed upon number of City Centers or drives the other colonies away, keeps the planet forever.

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